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Don't Feel Guilty About Using An eBike!

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Sometimes, riding an eBike is so easy that it may feel like you're cheating!

Odds are, you may have heard hardcore cyclists suggest something similar as you pass them out on the Waterford Greenway or near the top of a hill around #dungarvan.

But since we are a RadPower eBike rental company we have come up with 5 ways you can silence naysayers, skeptics, and critics when prompted in the wild!

1. eBikes actually provide a serious workout.

New research shows that taking a spin on an ebike provides virtually the same kind of workout as riding a regular old bike.

How can that be? If you're not sweating through your cloths or huffing and puffing your way down the Waterford Greenway, you can't really be exercising, can you?

According to multiple studies, yes, you totally can!

Researchers at Brigham Young University recently had 33 amateur cyclists go through a 8km loop on both ebikes with pedal assist and conventional bikes.

Riders assigned to ebikes had an average heart rate of 145 beats per minute, just 10 beats less than conventional cyclists, and falling well within what public health professionals describe as "the vigorous intensity zone"

Ebikes are a game changer for those you would find conventional biking difficult & also makes this form of exercise accessible to a broader community.

We have found that people will go further and stay out longer on ebikes. From our own research over the summers months we have found that people go on average and extra 22km & stay out an extra 1.45 hours compared to conventional bikes.

2. It's not cheating when you make your own rules.

Whether they're outdoors enthusiasts, artists, or even rockstars, our riders tend to chart their own course.

At the end of the day, you have to choose the bike that best helps you get the most out of your day out on the #waterfordgreenway. And there's nothing about that choice that diminishes anyone else's ride. The most important thing is that you have an incredible day out.

If you are not sure, our staff at #bikehikeadventures are here to help you choose what is best for your requirements regardless of your biking ability or fitness.

3. Conventional bikes aren't for everyone.

And that's OK.

Bikes give thousands of people a chance to get back into the saddle. One of the most brilliant things about ebikes is that they're accessible to everyone. No matter what your biking ability, fitness or if you are recovering from an injury ebikes offer everyone the chance to keep fit and enjoy the great outdoors.

Bikes are great for a group heading out to enjoy the Waterford Greenway, onboard our ebikes the whole group stay together, go further & see more of the beautiful west Waterford coastline & countryside.

4. Bikes lead to longer rides.

Ebikes give you the tools to ride farther. All our ebikes are designed to give you an approx 60-80km per charge.

At Bike & Hike Adventures we hear from a lot of our clients that pedal assist gives them the confidence they need to go on longer excursions around Dungarvan & the Waterford Greenway (and boy do we mean long!).

We love seeing the smile on our riders faces when they come back to our base in Dungarvan, they are always surprised how far they have rode and how long they have been out enjoying the #greatoutdoors.

5. It's an argument that misses the point

Some cyclists may feel frustrated by ebikes whizzing by on the Waterford Greenway, but they're failing to see the bigger picture.

Bikes are getting more butts on bikes. Not just butts that might otherwise be on couches, but butts that might otherwise be in cars.

Thats good news for everybody, especially when you consider that cars give off about 130 grams of pollutants per kilometre. That means ebikes play an important role in giving us all cleaner air and, frankly, more pleasant rides for everyone.

At Bike & Hike Adventures we not only strive to provide the absolute best products, but our team of experts are always educating people on riding etiquette while they enjoy their day out on the Greenway.

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